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Special on Herbs and Veggies
May 15, 2010, 6:13 pm
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Midtown Nursery is running a special on herbs and veggies. Buy 10 or more and get them at half price: regular price $2.50, sale price $1.25. Also, new perennials are in as well as lots of lush hanging baskets and tropicals. Come see us for all your gardening needs.

Keep in mind that most herbs are used for their flavorful foliage and need to be harvested prior to flower buds opening so that they do not lose their flavor, become bitter or slow leaf production. You can begin harvesting your herbs once they have enough foliage to maintain growth, and harvesting frequently encourages new growth. How much can you harvest at once? On a perennial herb, you can harvest as much as 50 percent of the plant and all but several inches on annual herbs. For the highest concentration of oil, pick the leaves in the morning after the dew has dried but prior to mid-day heat. You can harvest annual herbs up until the first frost. You should stop harvesting perennial herbs one month prior to the first frost date, however, to avoid stimulating new growth that may not harden-off before the first freeze.


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