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New Trailing PlentiFall Pansies
October 21, 2010, 10:38 am
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PanAmerican Seed’s new PlentiFall pansies are the first trailing pansy series from seed with a flat, spreading habit. Think Wave petunias, only pansies. Southern Living Magazine labeled them as one of the 10 Best Plants For Fall. Sick of pansies that turn to mush with the first fall freeze and don’t bloom again until spring? Then the new PlentiFall pansies are the answer. These will each spread 18 inches. Plant them in the ground to form solid sweeps, or let them cascade from containers. PlentiFall pansies survive below-zero temps with little damage, so they should bloom from fall through spring.

PlentiFall Pansies are one of five nominees for the 2010 Editor’s Choice award, the traditional Greenhouse Grower award.


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